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Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography: Methods and Applications

MAEJO Institute.

Magnetic resonance study of rare earth ions in ionic lattices for optical applications

Magnetic semiconductor nanostructures: a bottom-up chemical approach

Making plans for the planting of buffer zones surrounding water treatment plants and quality control during the implementation of the works.

Making Sence of Social Situations: Situational Cues and Memory Structures in Children's Social Processing

MALDI-TOF and GPC analyses

Man and landscape. Study of the prehistoric land-use in Sandy Flanders between ca. 12000 and 2000 cal BC

Management of Coastal Aquifers in Europe : Paleowaters, natural controls and human influence (PALAEAUX).

Management of low grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (LSIL) in HIV positive patients: effectiveness of cryotherapy and predictors for progression

Managing Fisheries to conserve groundfish and benthic invertebrate species diversity - MAFCONS

Manipulation of electromagnetic properties by nanostructuring with a focussed ion beam

Manipulation of the eukaryotic secretory system: production of homogenously modified proteins for structural analysis and biotechnology

Mapping and monitoring of soil salinity and waterlogging in Egypt.

MAPPIT: a versatile two-hybrid approach in mammalian cells

Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Marriage-related immigration among the Turkish and Moroccaan communities in Belgium.

Mathematics difficulties: the impact of process variables in the context of an alternative theoretical explanatory model

Matrix multiple units dosage forms for controlled release.

Mature : biogeochemistry of the Maximum Turbiditry zone in estuaries.

MAVUS II: Method for and Assesment of the Vulnerability of Sectors

Measurement of hematocrit, hemoglin concentration and other blood parameters to obtain referencevalues for cyclists

Measurement of resilience properties of carpet yarns.

Measurements and Testing.

Mecahnisms of glucocorticoid receptor-mediated gene regulation by Coumpound A: a putative anti-inflammatory drug

Mechanisms of action of Rhizobium Nod factors and Nod factor like molecules of plant origin.

Mechanisms of photocatalysis in TiO2 thin films for air purification

Mechanochemical reaction and reactive spray drying.

Membership of the fedral communission for the control and evaluation of euthanasia (F.C.E.C.E.)

Menpower planning in general practice.

Mental health services and stigmatization of people with psychosocial problems: a sociological study of organizational determinants and effects on the quality of life

MERCW (Modelling of Ecological Risks Related to Sea-dumped Chemical Weapons)

Metabolic Engineering and Modelling of E. coli for the Production of chemicals from Renewable Resources

Metabolization and distribution of a few retinoids in skinsamples of human origin.

Metaphor and education.

Method development for interdisciplinary isotopic research via Multi-collector ICP – mass spectrometry

Method for and Assessment of the Vulnerability of Sectors (MAVUS)

methodological foundations of physical music cognition

Methodological, instrumental and theoretical extension of polyphasic research of bacterial relatedness.

Micro-incapsulation of tumourcells : optimization of the method and application on in vivo experiments.

Microarrays for the monitoring of mixed communities and their metabolic states.

Microbial diversity and metal fluxes in contaminated North Sea sediments

Microbial precipitated Bio-Pd and Bio-Mn nanocrystals for the chemical transformation of halogenated contaminants

Microbially steered removal of REACH micropollutants in wastewater

Microbiological diversity network.

Microtiterplate reader for high-throughput applications in pharmaceutical and bio-analytical research

Microwave reconstruction techniques for piecewise homogeneous objects for biomedical and civil applications.

MIRA 2, local traffic noise in Flanders.

MISTRAL : Multi sensor Inspection System for Component Testing : towards more reliable NDT Applications.

MLB Lamination Project Phase 2.

Mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Mobility and removal of nitrate and their relationship to groundwater protection zones.

Model catalyst research.

Modelling measurement and optimisation of passive and active individualised protecting ear plugs

Modelling of growth of hol-overs of scots pine and of their influence on regeneration.

Modelling of the enhanced biological phosphorous removal from wastewater by activated sludge processes.

Modelling of the influence of ionoplast interlayers on the time and temperature dependent mechanical behaviour of laminated glass plates and beams on their residual strenght after failure

Modelling of the influence of longitudinal stiffeners of thin-walled steel cylinders on the local buckling behaviour above the supports.

Modeltests on instrumented piles in end-bearing conditions.

Modern standard designs for container transport on smaller inland waterways.

Modernisation of the test facilities for rotating machines.

Modulation by antinsense technology of the expression of receptors for IL-1 and TNF. Inhibition of het degradation of the extracellular matrix of connective tissues in rheumatic conditions.

Modulation of the decreased neutrophil chemiluminescence as a risk factor for severe coliform mastitis in the high yielding cow.

Molecular approaches to study bud dormancy in poplar (Populus).

Molecular aspects of the pathogenesis of swine influenza virus and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus.

Molecular biology approach of the genotoxicity of DNA-adducts with epoxides and organic platinum compounds.

Molecular genetical analysis of the relationships in the genera Carica and Vasconcella.

Molecular mapping for salt and drougth tolerance and pathogen resistance in rice.

Molecular mechanisms of interleukin-1 receptor (IL-1R) and Toll-like receptor (TLR) induced signal transduction in inflammation and immunity

Molecular phenotyping of genome-wide miRNA perturbation in neuroblastoma

Molecular-biological investigation of the anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties of hop-derived bitter acids

Molecular-biological investigations into resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis towards pyrazinamide (PZA) and ethambutol (EMB).

Monastic Historiography in the Middle Ages : Social Setting and Self-image.

Monitor for ICT-integration in Flemish Education (MICTIFE)

Monitoring of coral reefs in view of sustainable island development. Case study using hyperspectral remote sensing: Fordate, Tanimbar, Indonesia

Monitoring of corrosion and restoration processes of natural building stones by non-destructive optimised computerised X-ray micro-tomography.

Monitoring urban green using VHR satellite images

Morphology and origin of diamond in UHP-Metamorphic rocks of the Kokchetan massif, Kazakhstan.

Motor competence in 6-10 year old children with overweight and obese children

Motorized treadmill

Multi-criteria audit tool for the technical quality management within the agro-food SME's.

Multidisciplinar analysis of the role of PCBER for wood formation and growth in poplar

Multidisciplinary study of the rock necropolis and mastabas of the Ancient Egyptian town of Elkab including archaeological, epigraphical, topographical, archaeometrical and archaeobiological research.

Multifunctional graft copolymer structures based on poly(vinyl ethers): design and property research

Multifunctionality en local identity as paradigms for sustainable and competitive agriculture

Multigigabit transmission on the board level: Integration of nonradiative dielectric waveguides and planar electrical interconnections.

Multimedia knowledge technology in the art sciences.

Multimedia networking

Musical imagery and ecological modelling - - sonological, perceptual and cognitive research into the foundations of musical information processing.

Mutation analysis, characterisation and functional analysis of a gene involved in female infertility caused by premature ovarian failure.