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A biological valuation map for the Belgian Continental Shelf - BWZee

A central facility for high-sensitivity sequence analysis of proteins of medical, pharmaceutical and general biological interest.

A chemical genetics approach to study brassinosteroid (BR) signaling

A chronologic study of the aeolian sands and silts deposited during OIS ( Oxygen Isotope stage) 1 en 2 , based on optically stimulated luminescence -correlation of sediments in NE-Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

A contrastive analysis of some grammatical aspects of Flemish-Belgian Sign Language as contrasted with Dutch.

A contribution to the diversification of the production of vegetable crops by research on cultivation methods and selection of halophytes.

A critical research on the meaning of the hypsometric position of sea level indicators in connection with the Flandrian sea level changes.

A detailed study of the ontogeny and function of TCR gamma delta cells.

A feasibility study on the implementation of a permanent network.

A feast in words. Spanish and Hispano-American narrative prose from a culinary-intertextual perspective

A fundamental study on exchange processes in river ecosystems

A multivariate analysis and functional research on intracellular signal molecules by psychiatric disorders.

A pharmacokinetic study in rabbits after oral administration of tilmicosin mixed in the feed

A prospective randomised investigation of functional outcome after conservative treatment in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

A psycholinguistic study of pronuncitation of bilinugals : the case of Belgium.

A retrogressive study of the landscape South of Ghent. Contribution to the environmental history of Flanders. Test-area: the 'Land van Rode'.

A semiotic analysis of the TV-language : case study, the processing of advertising communication.

A simple, efficient and reliable programming environment for transputer systems.

A study for the meaning and form of a quality plan of 't Eilandje, Antwerp

A study of the apatite-fission-track thermochronology and its relation to the uplift and denudation history of the Central Asian mountain belts (Tien-Shan, Altai, Sayan, Transbaikal).

A study of the free-living, marine nematodes from tropical and cold water coral structures.

A study of the Greek literary movement 'ethografia' within the broader perspective of European naturalism.

A study of the interactions between the Beta amyloid peptide and lipoproteins.

A study of the mythological and biblical examples and allusions in the poetry of Gregory of Nazianzus.

A study on the presence of proteolytic enzymes in te excretion/secretion products from ruminant gastrointestinal nematodes and their potential use in serodiagnosis and/or immunisation.

A study towards the quality of the corpus luteum of high yielding dairy cows in the early postpartum period

A theoretical analysis of the factors governing fabric formation during the weaving proces.

A theory-based evaluation study of the well-being and working conditions in local enterprises and public services around Bruges

A thorough study of fuzzy expert systems.

A unifying framework for a stochastic thermodynamic theory of watershed hydrology: Model development and applicability study.

ABCA2 expression and activity measurements

Aberrant cell cycles in nematode-├žnduced feeding cells in plant roots.

Absorption and Catalysis at Liquid Phase Conditions: fundamental models accountin for the Aggregation State

Accounting for geology and landscape topology in designing sampling schemes for the geostatistical mapping of soil texture in Burundi.

Accounting Research Public Sector

Accounting Research Public sector

ACE and ACE inhibitory peptides in insects

Achilles' mirror - female allegory in the work of Karel van de Woestijne, in particular in the epic 'Penthesileia'.

Action research : interaction about literature in education.

Activation and expression of NFkB in chronic lymphatic leukemia in correlation with in vitro apoptosis and clinical relevance.

Activation of the type I cytokine receptor: evaluation by novel approaches

Active civic participation project

Adaptation of a micro hydropowerplant (H=1.60m) to a smaller head (H=1.20m).

Adaptation of microbial communities to organic contaminants in oligotrophic aquifers.

Adaptive imageview.

Addressing Traditional Law in Post Conflict Legal and Judicial Development Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa

Advanced 3D MOR-subgridding

Advanced geotechnical assistance and analyses in dredgability of hard soils, slope stability of off-shore dredged trenches.

Advanced thin-film technologies for cost effective photovoltaics ("ATHLET")

Advanced tomographic sensors for industrial multiphase imaging.

Aerobic wastewater treatment: protozoa influence on performance

Affinity capillary electrochromatography and electrophoresis coupled with mass spectrometry for the screening of combinatorial libraries.

Aggregation in multi-agent systems

Agriculture sustainability index development to support decision making in water management in the Mekong data (Aquasid)

Agro-industrial applications of antifungal proteins from plant seeds.

Algorithms for finding special substructures in combinatorial objects

All-optical label scraping employing optical logic gates in network nodes

Alternative N retention and N loss mechanisms in pristine and polluted forest soils

An in vitro study of cytopathology, upstake and storage of HgCl2 and MeHgCl. in cultured invertebrate cells.

An integrated approach for the recovery of solid domestic waste in Kinshasa

An integrated approach of empowerment in social work: individual en organisational differences

An investigation for the modern african religious life.

An optical/infrared study of active galactic nuclei at intermediate redshift

An original concept toward the development of selective agonists for an engineered functional adenosine A3 receptor

Anaerobic conversion in various divers microbial ecosystems such as soils and sediments, sludges, solid wastes.

Analysis and interpretation of neutron inelastic scattering from 238U.

Analysis of asset returns and investment strategy.

Analysis of central and peripheral functions of leptin

Analysis of cis- and trans-acitretin and of etretinate in plasma samples of study HL 41.

Analysis of Contemporary Artist's Paints via Micro-Raman Spectroscopy.

Analysis of future BCR reference materials.

Analysis of high boiling hydrocarbon components in cracker feeds and cracker products.

Analysis of installations for generation of electricity and eveluation of energy sources.

Analysis of leptin-mediated gene regulation in vitro an in vivo.

Analysis of meat products for nutrient tabel.

Analysis of mentum deformities in Chironomus (Chironomidae, Diptera) within the framework of the monitoring network of sediment quality Flanders, VMM

Analysis of non-linear optical components based on photonic crystals.

Analysis of signaling via the leptin receptor

Analysis of the different factions of the CVP on the local and provincial level in Flanders 1964-2000.

Analysis of the function of judgment in the current cognitive sciences on the basis of the theory of judgment of Kant.

Analysis of the molecular activity of APETALA2 in Petunia hybrida : isolation and characterisation of APETALA2 target genes.

Analytics and metabolisation studies of endocrine disrupters ((semi-) natural hormones, xenobiotics and phytosterols) in the invertebrate Neomysis integer by mass spectrometry

Anchorage of enclosure piles.

Animal health and food safety in organic broiler production

Anthropological presuppositions of the Darwisian view of women: a historical-critical analysis of the conflict between feminisms and darwinisms

AOPs (Advanced Oxidation Processes) as driving force in membrane absorption of volatile organic compounds from wast gases

Application for basic equipment: AA-240FS 'Fast Sequential' double beam Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) with SIPS-20 en SPS-3 (autosampler)

Application of adaptive logics in artificial intelligence and in argumentation.

Application of advanced and diffusion based Magnetic Resonance techniques as a new tool to investigate nanoparticles and brain biochemistry

Application of artificial substrates for biological monitoring of large rivers and canals in Flanders and The Netherlands.

Application of composite bars for prestressing of concrete structures.

Arabidopsis thaliana as a modelsystem for plant molecular biological research.

Archaeological inventory and mapping of "enclosures" in the provinces of east- and west-flanders. A contribution of aerial photography to the history of human occupation in pre- and protohistoric time

Archaeological survey in the Upper Scheldt Valley

Architecture and algorithms for measurement-based traffic engineering in IP-networks.

Architecture and evolution of genetic circuits. A science-philosophical analysis of self-organization and selection in genetic and epigenetic evolution.

Archival description and valorization of the files concerning evironment law of the Province of West-Flanders for the research of the industrialization and industrial pollution (1863-1970)

Artemia biodiversiteit in China: sustainable exploitation through DNA authentication

Artificial intelligence and groupware technology for efficient agglomeration of hybrid data.

ASEM Aquaculture Platform