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R&D collaboration with Central and East Europe: scholarship for a post doc researcher

Radiochemical aspects of Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

Radiogenomics based on SNP-anlaysis of genes involved in DNA repair

Radionuclide therapy of the second generation for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

Radon reduction technology : a case study.

Rationalizability of collective choice theories

Re-use of treated domestic wastewater in de industry.

Reaction studies at the new CERN nTOF Facility.

Reaction to fire of roof coverings and insulating materials.

Rearing and life history of the gall midge Therodiplosis persicae Kieffer (Diptera : Cecidomyiidae).

Receptor/ligand interaction between a Cryptosporidium parvum sporozoite microneme protein with multiple trombospondin type 1 domains and HCT-8 human ileocecal adenocarcinoma cells

Reciprocal influence between the developing Belgian statestructure and conflict of laws

Reconfigurable Hardware for Embedded Systems

Reconstruction of magnetic resonance images from non-uniformly sampled data.

Reconstruction of signalling networks in aggressive neuroblastoma subtypes

Recycled concrete : material technology, durability aspects and design criteria.

Recycling of ferrous sulfate by the synthesis of a new super oxidant material 'Referox'.

Reduction of wave overtopping at coastal structures

Refinement of a canopy budget model by analysing nutrien transfer processes in tree canopies at different spatio-temporal scales

Regional housing markets in Flanders. Theoretical foundations, analysis and delineation.

Registration of genetically determined ocular diseases.

Regularisation in administrative law. Theory & jurisdictional applications.

Regulation and function of CARD15 in primary intestinal epithelial and mononuclear cells in normal and pathologic conditions

Regulation of cell proliferation in relation to genome integrity and senescence: single cell analysis

Regulatory capacities in preterm children in the first year of life

Rehabilition and sustainable reuse of old farm buildings in Transsilvania - Romania

Reinforcement of human and material capacities of the textile Technology Research Centre in Albania

Relation between judges.

Reliable and energy-efficient network protocols for Body Area Networks (BANs)

Reliable operation of small disconnectable electric power networks

Religion and Caste in India: The Mantras of Anti-Brahmanism

Religious slaughter: improving knowledge and expertise through dialogue and debate on issues of welfare, legislation and socio-economic aspects (DIALREL)

Remote sensing and hydrological modelling techniques for land and water resources.

Renewal of basis laboratory equipment of the laboratory for Microbiology

Reorganisatie of Delta opioid receptors by a 13mer pro-invasie peptide

Replacement of basic equipment: universal microtome cryostat

Replacement of laser sources and software upgrading for UV confocal microscope.

Replacement of the central integration system for analysis-apparatus at the Laboratory for Petrochemical Engineering/Campus Sterre.

Report on the certification of the thyroxine concentrations in human serum based lyophilized Reference Materials (RMs 372, 373 and 374) and the monitoring of their stability.

Representation of science and technology in popular media, casestudy: biotechnology.

Research and development of power thin film transistors.

Research backpack for M. Sc. Atti Tchabi in Togo

Research commission of prof. A-M vandenbergen

Research for increasing the functionality of silicon backplanes in microdisplays.

Research on assessment instruments for developing the quality improvement of the educational and organizational processes of secondary schools.

Research on coating mechanism. Prevention of multaldeposition an epoxy materials

Research on earth surface heat changes caused by land degradation in the Mediterranean by means of thermal satellite imagery

Research on public support for nature conservation in Flanders

Research on relevant socio-cultural and economical factors of Nigerian trafficking in human beings as a form of organized crime

Research on shared-memory symmetric multiprocessor systems.

Research on stainless steels.

Research on the contemporary function and the evolutionary role of the complex structures on the cephalothorax of spiders of the genus Diplocephalus and closely related genera (Erigoninae, Linyphiidae, Araneae)

Research on the developmental and optimization

Research programme in support of the nationala and European harmonisation in the field of fire safety.

Research project to develop novel diagnostics and vaccine candidates for Hepatitis C virus.

Research regarding the development of methods to estinate spatial needs of non-interwoven activities

Research, development and optimisation of egg powder incorporation in shrimp and fish aquaculture diets

Researching "Quality in primary care social work" - research project ordered by the Platform Social Welfare of the Province Eastern-Flanders (Belgium)

Residue study in chickens after oral administration of sulfachloropyridazine and trimethoprim (Cosumix Plus, soluble powder) administered via a crop tube.

Resistant starch as a novel excipient for extrusion/spheronisation and tableting

Respons study of radiation induced micronuclei in binucleated lymphocytes with automated image analysis.

Restauration of the soil fertility in the South and centre of Benin

Restoration and increase of connectivity among fragmented forest pathes in the Taita Hills, south-east Kenya

Restoration of damage to owned natural resources - Analysis of the efficiency of private and public law for the restoration of damage to owned natural resources.

Restoring the herbage in Tunesian steppes.

Return grant Tom Coenye: Comparative genomics of the genus Burkholderia: bioinformatics, diversity and functional analysis

Rhetorical-poetical study of scientific texts: classical science from Descartes to Maxwell

Rheumatoid arthritis: identification of serological risk factors (auto-antibodies, genotypes and markers in the synovial membrane) for progression of anatomical damage.

Ringtransformations of cyclobutanones to physiologically active compounds.

Riscfactors for the repetition of suicidal behaviour : a five year follow-up study of attempted suicide patients.

Risk assessment of coastal nourishment techniques (RIACON).

Risk evaluation of food products: development and integration of generic instruments for predictive microbioogy

Robust control of micro-grids with renewable energy sources

Robust High Resolution Multi-Level and Object Based Screens for Toner Based Digital Printers

Role of cadherins and catenins in suppressing human tumor malignancy.

Role of cadherins and catenins in suppressing human tumor malignancy.

Role of dystrophin-associated protein complex in contraction of hepatic stellate cells

Role of ethylene during nodule initiation on the water stress tolerant legume Sesbania rostrata

Role of F4 receptors in antigen uptake and Th1/Th2 cytokine induction in the small intestine of pigs.

Role of mitochondria-associated proteins that enhibit altered expression as a result of bioenergetics of the cell, in receptor-induced apoptosis and necrosis.

Role of mitocondria in conserved mechanisms of ageing

Role of Natural Killer T cells and CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells in chronic autoimmune arthritis

Role of oestrus suppression in the pathogenesis of the cystic endometrical hyperplasia-pyometra complex of the bitch.

Role of six steroids and "Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein" (PAG) in the diapedesis and function of isolated neutrophils in primary bovine mammary cell cultures of epithelial, endothelial cells, fibroblasts and collageen.

Rules on consumer credit and mortgage credit as a means to avoid overindebteness