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E-maturity: Evaluation of a model for ICT-implementation in Ecuadorian primary schools

E.E.C. programme against poverty of the, for a long time and structurally unemployed in districts with a lack of possibilities in urban areas in Flanders - pilot-study Ghent.

Early Modern Public Opinion. Patterns, mechanisms and actors in processes of opinion- and decision-marking in the Northern and Southern Netherlands in the early modern period

Early pathogenesis of Flavobacterium psychrophilum infections in fish.

Earth, Heaven and Underworld. A study of the foundations for the representation and reception of mythodological themes in dramma per musica

Ecological and genetic implications of different dispersal strategies by a forest bird species of fragmented cloud forest

Ecological and genetic studies of some Pinus species and forms.

Ecology Cluster for Overall Waste Re-engineering (ECOWARE).

Ecomorphology of the trophic apparatus in catfishes (Siluriformes).

Economic electrical drive for highly dynamic applications in the textile industry, the valve actuator industry and the vacuumpump industry.

Economic evaluation of Rapid Recovery

Economic reasons as legal ground for the modification, suspension and termination of the labour contract from a comperative law perspective (Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands)

ED-North :Evaluation of possible impacts of endocrine disruptors on the North Sea ecosystem.

Education and research in the field of geotechnics, at the U.M.S.S. - Bolivia.

Education in remote sensing and GIS at the university of Kisangani (UNIKIS) with applications

Education programme for governmental employees on environmental law.

Educational beliefs and the adoption of independent and self-regulated learning through ICT in primary education

Educational strategies of primary actors and demand side dynamics in adult education.

Effect of administration of a growth promotor on Salmonella shedding in pigs.

Effect of antibiotic treatment in drinking water on experimental infections with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 5 in pigs.

Effect of antibiotics on the exotoxin production by bacteria

Effect of broodstock management and broodstock nutrition on quality of turbot scophthalmus maximus production.

Effect of chronic atrial fibrillation on the electrophysiological and hemodynamic parameters in the pony.

Effect of host factors on the genesis and behaviour of malignant tumors. Development of new therapeutic strategies.

Effect of increased atmospheric CO2 concentration on primary productivity and carbon allocation in typical Belgian forest ecosystems.

Effect of superantigens on inflammatory and structural cells in upper respiratory airway diseases.

Effectiveness of a multi-factorial intervention to promote physical activity in preschool children

Effects of acidification by atmospheric deposition on the weathering of minerals and the buffering capacity of forest soils in Flanders.

Effects of divergence in ecologically relevant traits on fitness and reproductive isolation in spatially-structured populations

Effects of knowledge and implicit models on category learning and category representation.

Effects of tree species specific litter and root decompostition products on the mobility of cadmium and zinc in sandy soils

Efficacy of a subunit vaccine against porcine pleuropneumonia.

Efficacy of rSH28GST as an antifecundity vaccine against Schistosoma haematobium infection .

Efficient microprocessor design through machine learning

Efficient universal numerical multi-level solution methods for complex electromagnetic optimization and inverse problems

Elaboration of a methodology for drug use evaluation in hospitals.

Elaboration of a methodology for drugs use evaluation in hospitals.

Elaboration of a template and collection plan for statistical information and analysis on missing and sexually exploited children and trafficking in human beings

Elaboration of a Web-based land evaluation system using .NET technology


Elecgtrocvhromatography : Technology and Application.

Electrochemical formation and local properties of semiconductor/metal contacts on the submicron scale: a fundamental study.

Electroluminescent Flat Panel Displays for terminal applications.

Electromagnetic production of strange particles from nucleons and nuclei.

Elucidation of a novel oxidoreductase pathway involved in the detoxification of reactive oxidative species in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, targeted at the development of new drugs against tuberculosis.

Embedding of optical and opto-electronic components in printed circuit boards

Employment and entrepreneurship in growing companies.

Enantioselective synthesis for building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry

End-of-life decision making in Europe.

Endocrine and paracrine control mechanisms of the gonadal ecdysteroid response in insects

Endosymbiotic bacteria in coenocytic green algae - exploration of a partnership

Energetic content of primary biological products in relation to varying soil chemical parameters.

Enterococci Industrial Platform (ENTIP).

Enterprise structures and their governance systems.

ENV 1992-1-2:1995"Eurocode 2 : Design of concrete structures Part 1-2 : General rules - Structural fire design.

Environmental accounting as an instrument towards sustainable development. Theoretical and empirical analysis of possibilities, limitations and policy options.

Environmental and climatic change on Easter Island with emphasis on the late quarternary and the activity of man.An interdisciplinary approach.

Environmental applications of microalgal microbial bioreactors

Environmental, social and economic Feasibility of Forest CONversion (FEFOCON)

Eosinophilic inflammation and expression of human 5 receptor alpha-subunit isoforms in nasal polyposis.

Epidemiologic study of risk factors for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Epidemiological analyses of existing databases for the fixed combination amlodipine besylate-atorvastatin calcium

Epidemiological study of the iron intake and iron status in young women and of the association between the iron status in pregnant woman and in there newborn babies

Epidemiology of burkholderia cepacia complex bacteria: sources of infection

Equality guide for universities - Human resources on equal opportunities

Equipement for a new L3 laboratory enabling in vitro experiments with high risk pathogens

Establishment of a Centre for Ecomanagement and Spatial Information Techniques (CEMSIT) - Yunnan University - PR China

Establishment of an Eastern European Network of Laboratories for Identification of Irradiated Foodstuffs.

Estimation and detection for MIMO-UWB-communication

Estimation and evaluation of the doses and health hazards of radon exposure incurred in the phosphate industry and by the application of gypsum products in the building industry.

Etiological factors for age-related hearing impairment

EULAFF: European and Latin America Action on Functional Foods

Euro Study Centres in Flanders.

Euro-FGI: Design and engineering of the Future Generation Internet towards convergent multi-service networks

EUROAS European genomic bank and clinical genetic and immunogenetic databases of anhgting and the other opardylarthropathres


European Myocardial Infarction Project : Free radical reperfusion and myocardial infarction therapy.

European Network for HIV/STD prevention in Prostitution (Europap 2002-2003)

European network for the prevention of female genital mutilation in Europe.

European network for understanding mechanisms of severe asthma.

European scientists sequencing Arabidopsis (ESSA).

Evaluating the structure of forest groups in several european countries: forest groups as an instrument to realise the policy objectives concerning multifunctional forest management.

Evaluation 'support for organic farming'.

Evaluation and development of an atrial defibrillator.

Evaluation and optimalization of the fire safety of structures strenghtened with NMS reinforcement

Evaluation in terms of replicability of the Aerated Lagoon Waste Water Treatment Plant pilot project, Hoa Lo Gom Basin, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Evaluation of a candidate therapeutic vaccine for chronic HCV infection.

Evaluation of a model for studying the curriculum impact of commercial videogames in the 3rd grade secondary education. Interaction between beliefs, actual behaviour and learning effects

Evaluation of Bioprocess Model Complexity for On-line Applications.

Evaluation of Burkholderia cepacia complex MALDI-TOF MS spectra using SARAMIS Identification software

Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation responses for marine activities" – CLI03

Evaluation of dextrose 5% in water as infusion solution during resuscitation from cardiopulmonary arrest.

Evaluation of flow cytometry as a tool to study extracellular matrix repair by human articular chondrocytes obtained from normal and osteoarthritic cartilage. Influences of pharmacologic agents.

Evaluation of new types of stationary phases and column dimensions for the development of highly efficieënt and generic supercritical fluid chromatography.

Evaluation of the accessibility of the health care services: matching data from the Health Interview Survey 1997 with the according data about medical consumption registered by the medical insurance companies

Evaluation of the admission exam for medical and dental studies

Evaluation of the bioavailability and biological activity of folates from biofortified rice.

Evaluation of the content and bio-activity of phenolic compounds in European olive oils

Evaluation of the project "Diversification of branches of studys for girls in the technical and vocational training".

Evaluation of the residual lifetime of concrete structures by means of optical fiber sensors.