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GA_LEN: Global Allergy and Asthma European Network

Gas hydrates and gas seeps in Lake Baikal.

Gendering the Victorian Sonnet

Gene identification and study of genotype-phenotype correlations in genetic disorders of the skeleton

General practice: motivations to choose for or to leave the profession

Generalizability of the design principles for learning materials derived from the "Cognitive Multimedia Theory"

Generic high-frequency front-ends and their use in high performance systems

Genesis and Function of the Supplements: A Genealogical and Genre-Theoretical Study of British Nineteenth-Century Periodicals

GeNesis Gent-Nebroc II associated project about the genesis of mounds

Genetic analysis of candidate genes for growth and carcass quality parameters in cattle.

Genetic and molecular studies for drought tolerance in cereals : identification of drought-stress involved genes and proteins.

Genetic implications in the production of rotifers in commercial finfish hatcheries

Genetic instability, telomere biology and proteomic changes induced by irradiation of either germ cells or embryo: importance of cell cycle control and DNA repair factors

Genomic and expression array analysis of neuroblastoma: identification of new targets for molecular targeted therapeutic intervention

Genomic and transcirptional analysis of myeloid proliferations and Hodgkin Lymphoma: study for the role of transcription factors in pathogenesis

Genomics to combat resistance against antibiotics in Community-acquired LRTI in Europe

Genotypic and phenotypic variability, individual susceptibility factors and industrial genotoxicants/neurotoxicants in occupational medicine.

Genotypic study of the genus Acinetobacter in order to analyse the reasons for the lack of congruence between 16S rRNA-gene sequence based and DNA-DNA hybridization based determinations of interspecific homology.

Geological database - datamanagement 1996.

Geometrical data structures for CAD.

Geometries with incidence number 2.

Geophysical and archaeological survey of a threatened area situated at Rieme-Noord (NW Belgium)

Geophysical in situ probe "GISP".

Global invvolvement of public research scientists in regulation of biosafety and agricultural biotechnology

Glycomics monitoring of HCC, fibrosis and cirrhossis in chinese patients infected with hepatitis

Government investment and stustainable employment : social, economic and political institutions, government capital formation and labour market performance.

Government investment, fiscal consolidation and the labour market.

Grain legumes EG project