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Laboratory investigations of less toxic insecticides, including chitin synthesis inhibitors, for control of the African armyworm.

Language production in a visual context

Laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry for bulk and local analysis of photographic materials.

Late antiquity in the northern Adriatic: study of the urban and rural occupation and commercial routes through ceramic analysis

LC-MS/MS multiresidue methodology for the detection and quantification of mycotoxins in foodstuffs with increased health risk

Leadership and multiculturalism among ethnic minorities in pluriform Brussels. A comparative study of leaders of Moroccan and Turkish origin.

Leaf development in Arabidopsis: construction of a descriptive model, and development of Methodology for identification of regulatory components and their interactions

Learning in (hidden) Markov-models using th imprecise Dirichlet model

Legal advice concerning town-planning prescriptions of the regional town-planning implementing plan of the second railway access on the Antwerp harbour.

Legitimation strategies. Political struggle between local government and resistance movements in Belgium during the transition 1944-1946

Leismo: a comparative sociolinguistic study between Andalusia and Madrid

Lentiviral gene transfer of the HIV nef gene to human T cells and their progenitors: molecular analysis of Nef function.

LES-methods for compact heat exchangers

Lexicon modelling for automatic speech recognition of native and non-native speakers

Librecat Project (Librecat)

2016-05-11 – 2016-09-08
Librecat project. What else?

Librecat updates (Librecat updates)

2016-05-28 – 2016-12-22
Updates necessary for the next release of Catmandu

Linguistic and anthropological analysis of inanimate subjects in Greek.

Linguistic meaning in the present debate between linguists and philosophers : logicism, positivism and anti positivism.

Linking and integrating ecological models in decision support systems for biological community management in rivers

Linking kinematics of the food-ankle complex, plantar pressures and static footprints: a new approach for the functional interpretation of fossilised hominid tracks

Liquid Crystal Displays II.

Liquid crystal displays.

Liquid-phase peptide synthesis with the aid of a soluble polymeric matrix.

Literacy education. A longitudinal study in to the role of language awaress in reading.

Literary socialisation and emergent literay.

Local analysis of inorganic and organic components at surfaces of solid materials by means of static secondary ion mass spectrometry.

Long-term analysis of intracranial evoked potentials in patients with refractory epilepsy

Long-terms trends in the macrobenthos of the Belgian Continental Shelf

Lords and Ladies of the Rings: An analysis of four literary networks in London and Paris (1900-1920)

Lost cultural landscapes in the border area of Flanders and the Netherlands