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S&T fellowship of M. Kocak: Characterisation of atmospheric aerosols within the framework of the project BIOSOL, with emphasis on the analysis by means of ion chromatography.

Safety testing of Fevaxin FIV in cats

SB Els Cornelissen

Scalable computer architecture

Scattering of light at nano-structured electro-optical components

Scattering-type scanning near-field mm-wave microscope

Scientific coordination studies Zaire.

Scientific information for the National Council for Nutrition (N.C.F.)

Scientific Research Network 'Signal transduction in Inflammation and Immunity'.

Scientific underpinning of food trends and development of new products/processes

SCOOP-task/MICR/2.3 : Collection from participating member states of information on methodology and data to underpin a process for microbiological risk assessment at the European level.

Secularization of Political Philosophy in the Early-Modern Netherlands

Sediment composition in function of biological research.

Segmented polymer networks and polyelectrolyte complexes: synthesis, characterisation and their use in membrane processes

Selected actin binding proteins as potential targets for medicinal development useful in cancer therapy

Seminar: "Hidden Violence is a Silent Rape: Prevention of Gender-based Violence against Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Europe"

Sequence analysis and cloning of the non-catalytic subunits of the asymmetric forms of acetyl cholinesterase.

Sequention stratigraphic and geodynamic evolution of the Groenland-Schotland Ridge and the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

Service quality support in the Internet.

Setup of an information database about speech aids for disabled people.

Show Me How Slow: Mobilising Evidence from Transport Research into Speed

Signal monitoring based on non-linear optical amplifiers for high bitrate optical fiber networks

Signaling by prolactin (PRL) in leukocytes

Silicate retention along the Scheldt continuum and its impact on coastal eutrophication (SISCO)

Silviculture and biodiversity of Scots pine forests in Europe.

Similarities and differences in information processing deficits between ADHD and reading disability

Simple deposition methods for electroluminescent displays

Simulation of partricle transport in electronic ink systems

Simulation of possible uses of plastic films in energy efficient greenhouses

Simulation of Soil Organic Carbon Storage and Changes in Agricultural Crop Land in China and its Impact on Food Security

Slavic intellectuals on the habsburg balkan their cultural and institutional networks and their influence on cultural nationalism in the first half of the nineteenth century

Small and wide angle x-ray diffraction, equipped with a sample holder for powders and thin films (grazing angle) and a high temperature chamber.

Smoking cessation program for young people : development and evaluation.

Social democracy and national movements in Belgium (1885-1978).

Social services in multifunctional farms - Social Farming

Social stratification in food consumption in Poland and Belgium

Social-communicative skills in preterm children

Socio-economic and demographic database of Belgian municipalities (19th and 20th centuries).

Soil grid network in the forests of the Flemish region.

Soil grid network in the forests of the Flemish region.

Soil grid network in the forests of the flemish region.

Soil solution compositions and charge properties of steepland ultisols under maize cultivation.

Solving numerically invers electromagnetic problems with applications for material characterisation and source analysis

Sound to sense, sense to sound

Spatial and Sociocultural Fragmentation in the Contemporary Metropolis : An Architectural and Literary Investigation.

Spatial and temporal variability of evapotranspiration by means of a regional water and energy balance model.

Spatio-temporal variability and population dynamics of the Abra alba - Mysella bidentata community on the Belgian Continental Shelf.

Speaker independent recognition of continuous speech by means of neural networks and dynamic programming.

Speaking to the Eye: Text, Image and Gender in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times

Speciation of trace elemnts in biological fluids. Radiochemical neutron activation analysis of trace elements in biological material.

Specific nanobodies as a tool to study the role of gelsolin in tumor cell invasion, and to perturb its activity

Spectrophotometer for transmission measurements on Solids.

Speech Algorithms for Clinical and Educational application

Spin degrees of freedom and hadron production from atomic nuclei.

Standardisation of residue analysis of hormones and veterinary drugs in food products of animal origin.

Statistical and physical aspect of extreme waves in coastal areas (EXWACO)

Statistical supported environmental risk assessment

Statistical techniques for content-based description of music.

Steam autoclave as support for scientific research.

Stenosis at coronary bifurcations: searching for the optimal approach by biomechanical modelling

Stiffener distortion and its influence on the fatigue resistance of steel orthotropic plated decks

Stigma and mental illness in a cross-national perspective

Stochastic modeling of optical buffers and switching system based on Fibre Delay LInes

Straightforward and environment friendly metallization of synthetic fibres

Stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology, metamorphic petrography, geochemistry and geochronology of the Belgian Caledonides in relation to the tectonic history of the East Avalonia plate and the Trans-European Suture Zone.

Strengthening of the special treatment clinic in Kenya to become a regional centre for training and operational research.

Strengthening of the special treatment clinic in Kenya to become a regional centre for training and operational research.

Strengthening the European Network for the Prevention of FGM by building on experiences and results from the early past

Structural analysis of hard and soft condensed matter by means of synchrotron radiation: research activities at the ESRF beam line "DUBBLE" during the exploitation project

Structural and functional analysis of cyst nematode secretion important for the induction and function of syncytia in Arabidopsis thaliana roots.

Structural and functional domains in the ATP-Binding Casette Transporte A-1 (ABC-A1) involved in cholesterol and phospholipid transport.

Structural hinders to and promotors of good maternal care in rural China

Structure analysis of hard and soft condensed matter using synchrotron radiation : research activities at the ESRF beamline "Dubble' during the exploitation phase.

Structure determination of DppA: a D-specific aminopeptidase from the dciA operon from Bacillus subtilis.

Structure function relationship in the enzymatic degradation of cellulose by fungal and bacterial cellulases.

Structure of ribosomal RNA and biological evolution.

Structure, function and industrial applications of plant laccases and peroxidases.

Structure-function relationships (i) in enzymes involved in biomass processing and sweeteners industry (ii) in DNA-drug interactions.

Studies in taxonomy, diversity, phylogenetics, and phylogeography based on integrated morphological and molecular evidence

Studies of the synergistic effect of cAMP and TNG on the induction of the promotor of the Interleukin-6 gene.

Studies on endothelial dysfunction in an animal model of diabetes type 2.

Study for a land management project in the Brugse Veldzone part: spatial-visual and cultural-historical aspects of the landscape.

Study for the total synthesis of (+)-biotin.

Study into the role of SPI1 and SPI2 in interactions of Salmonella enterica subsp. Eneterica serovar Typhimurium with porcine intestinal epithelium and macrophages

Study of "white spot syndrome virus" in pendeidt shrimp

Study of a "Membrane Associated Guanylate Kinase" (MAGUK) protein in cell death signalling

Study of alfa-clustering in 1p-nuclei with the (e, e'alfa) reaction.

Study of arteminisine and its derivatives in plant cell cultures of Artemesia annua. Development of new antimalaria therapeutic agents.

Study of bacterial and plant functions involved in the formation of nitrogenfixing stem nodules in Sesbania rostrata.

Study of bio-interactive biodegradable polymer materials for biomedical applications

Study of crosstalk between neurotransmitter and inflammatory signals in the context of neuro-inflammation

Study of current and temperature distribution during electro surgery.

Study of elementary steps in the mechanisms of photo-etching of III-V semiconductors.

Study of endogenous relaxing mediators released from endothelial cells and retinal tissue.

Study of expression patterns of various cell cycle genes in tissues of Arabidopsis.

Study of finite-size corrections in systems with a large number of degrees of freedom, by means of neural networks.

Study of floral induction and isolation of agronomically important Arabidopsis thaliana genes through transposon tagging.

Study of group III nitrides for the fabrication of surface emitting LEDs and lasers and high-power transistors.

Study of inorganic solids exhibiting new thermo-mechanical properties.

Study of Low-Reynolds phenomena on airfoils and impact on aerodynamic stability and controlability of micro- and small aeroplanes