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Calibration of models for fresh and salt groundwater flow in the coastal plains between Calais and Cadzand and the influence of the expected sea level rise on this flow.

Calibration of solid sampling inductively coupled plasma atomic emission and mass spectrometry using electrothermal vaporisation as sample introduction system.

Capacity Building in Social Research and the Strenghtening of a Master's Programme in Development Policy and Analysis at the University of Guyana

Carbohydrate bioconversion for the synthesis of L-pentoses

Carnosine metabolism in skeletal muscle in relation to exercise and diabetes

Case management criminal justice system - substance abuse treatment

Categorical and dimensional models of adaptive and maladaptive behavior of children and adolescents.

Causal understanding and causal explanation. An inquiry into the theoretical function of scientific knowledge.

Causes of the development and size of the Belgian trade union density, 1945-1995

Cell cycle modulated gene expression in plants and animals

Cell guidance carcass classification

Cell guidance carcass classification

Cell permeable peptides : physiological significance and biotechnological applications.

Cell type specificity in plant hormone responses

Centre for equal education opportunities

Centres and peripheries in Austria-Hungary. The dynamics of the construction of collective identities in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1878-1918 (on the basis of literary documents)

Certified education program raod transport

Certified reference materials for toxic substances in human wholeblood, serum and urine.

Challenges for Modeling and Predictive Control in Biotechnological and Biomedical Engineering

Changes in cerebrovascular reactivity during cognitive activation after cardiopulmonary bypass: relation with intraoperative cerebral embolic load and postoperative neuropsychological dysfunction.

Characterisation and integrated control of Rhizoctonia solani in field-grown vegetable crops in Belgium

Characterisation and optimalisation of the effective gas interaction probability of secondary electrons in sputter magnetrons

Characterisation of transdermal azole compounds

Characterisation of Virulence factors of Salmonrella involved in oviduct idorization and egg cortomination in laying hens rhough IUET

Characterization and identification of intact proteins using novel methods for C-terminal sequence analysis.

Characterization and physical explanation of the aging of thin electroluminescent films.

Characterization of CO2-laser gas discharges.

Characterization of layered orthotropic materials using ultrasonic polar scan.

Characterization of the physiological substrates of the hepatitis C virus NS3-4A protease and proteome analysis of the influence of NS3 inhibitors on the host cell

Characterizations of generalized polygons and investigation of flocks, arcs and caps in finite projective spaces.

Charge exchange spectroscopy diagnostic physicist at the JET facility in Culham, UK

Chemical analysis for the determination of nutritional quality and safety of meat and meat products.

Chemical process development and scale-up based on first principles: thermal cracking and catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons.

Chemical synthesis of indicator compounds for evaluating strategies to engineer virus resistant plants.

Chemical, physical and optical characterization, mass balance and sources of the fine aërosol in Europe.

Chemotherapeutics against sleeping-sickness.

China's rise in the international system: historical predecessors, geo-economic implications and geopolitical consequences

Chinese monasteries and their role in the Chinese markets between 1600 and 1900

Chitinozoan biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography of the Upper Ordovician on the Avalonia and Laujrentia palaeocontinents.

Chromium speciation in water and welding dust.

Chronic lymphocylic leukemia and its resistance to therapy.

Chronic stress and the development of obesity and micronutrient-deficiency in children: use of hair as a diagnostic tool

Chronostratigraphy and luminescence dating of the aeolian deposits of the western Chinese loess plateau: a contribution to the study of the terrestrial record of the Quaternary climatic oscillations

Cinema and diaspora. A comparative study of diaspora film cultures in Antwerp: Indian, North African, Turkish and Jewish cinema.

Circulating knowledge in early modern science (ca. 1450-1800)

Citizens, money and town-governments. A comparative analysis of the relationship between government, citizens and finances in the Low Countries, ca. 1400-1700.

City monitor 2006 - communication

City, architecture and colonial space in Matadi en Lubumbashi, Congo. A historical analysis from a translocal perspective

Citynet - The Network of European Research Projects on Integrated Urban Water Management

Classification of carcasses of pigs and beefcattle.

Climate and ecological history of the central Sahara: study of a uniquely continous 15,000-year archive

Climate controlled plant growth chamber.

Cloning and characterization of a poplar laccase involved in lignification.

Cloning of novel plant genes important for oxidative stress tolerance.

Close reading seminars and research workshops at Kuvempu University, India

Co-ordination action on ocean energy (CA-OE)

Coatings on steel.

COCARDE (Cold-Water Carbonate Reservoir Systems in Deep Environments)

Codex coastal zone

Cognitive and emotional consequences of cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation : a longitudinal neuropsychological study.

Cognitive study of the notion of sensus communis in theories of optics and visual perception: psychological analysis of current and historical integrative mechanisms for pictorial representation.

Coking behaviour of the TLE of a thermal cracker.

Column-switching HPLC employing restricted-access phases, with and without labeling, in the method optimisation for estimating quality and enantiomeric purity of various drugs, as such and in complex matrices.

Combined ultrasonic irradiation and chemical oxidation for the degradation of organic pollutants in water.

Combusion behaviour of upholstered furniture.

Community effects on the prevalence of common mental disorders in the general belgian population

Community structure and processes in the deep-sea benthos.

Compact modeling of on-chip passive structurers at high frequencies.

Comparative analysis of innate ans acquired immunity against tuberculosis in mice, induced by a live-attenuated M. tuberculosis strain genetically deleted for the mycolyl-transferase Ag85A and by the parent wild-type Mt103 strain

Comparative behaviour of different vegetable antioxidant phytochemicals during food processing

Comparative efficacy of StellanuneR Mycoplasma and Hyoresp in protecting pigs against an experimental infection with mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Comparative study of cultural forums in views of the development of an emancipatory workshop within the Culture forum in Ghent.

Comparative study on the presence of residues of antibiotics and sulfonamides in pork in the Member States of the EU.

Comparative syntax. Layers of structure and the cartography project.

Comparison of laboratory and field experiments in the study of aquifer pollution by organic substances.

Comparison of normal versus disturbed vaginal microbial communities

Comparison of the dynamic ergodic divertor of the tokamak TEXTOR 94 with the static ergodic divertor of the tokamak Tore Supra

Compatibility/Stability testing of Sufenta in combination with Diprivan.

Compiler cirected memory behavior on advanced processor systems.

Compost on avable land

Computational analysis of stress distribution in a stentless heart valve.

Computational fluid dynamics (C.F.D.) aided development of a membrane bioreactor for waste gas treatment.

Computer based control and measuring system for hydraulic actuators and servo-hydraulic testing machines

Computer supported research in Artificial Intelligence.

Concerted action on voluntary approaches - Environment and climate research.

Connected Cities

Conservation and digitalization of the music-archive of the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM).

Consolidation of the Department of Soil at the National Institute of Agriculture Méknès (Morocco).

Construction of a resource protein database for the Arabidopsis plasma membrane.

Construction, modeling and characterization of electro-optical field probes.

Consumer lab

Consumer satisfaction strategies and puchase behavior

Content Distribution Networks.

Continuing vocational training in Flanders (Belgium).

Continuous education of veterinary meat inspectors appointed by the Institute of Veterinary Inspection

Continuous gramulatin of drugs

Continuous speech recognition over the telephone.

Contribution of high-intensitiy gas seeps in the Black Sea to methane emission in the atmosphere - CRIMEA

Contribution to human pathology by cloning, functional analysis and mutation analysis of multiple cadherin and catenin genes.

Contribution to the unraveling of mechanisms determining polygenic, sustainable (horizontal) disease resistance in poplar.