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Tailor-made Synthesis of hybrid catalysts for oxygenation and metathesis reactions through covalent fixation of Os and Ru complexes in mesoporous oxides.

Tales vrorm the City: Spatial practices in the 20th century fiction and film.

Tami Art. Art historical research in the Huon Gulf area, Papua New Guinea.

TANA River catchment project.

Taxonomic turnover in terrestrial and aquatic diatom communities: integration of macroecological, morphological, phylogenetic-evolutionary and ecophysiological approaches

Taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Peperomia (Piperaceae), a molecular-genetic and morphological-anatomical approach

Teacher training and resource materials for the integration of Logo-based learning environments across the curriculum of compulsory education.

Teaching, training and research programme for detailed and semi-detailed soil survey in the Mekong Delta and immediate surrounding.

Technico/economical optimisation of fire safety measures in European cultural heritage.

Technological updating of the digitalized processes of the Dictionary of the Flemish dialects.

Technology assessment of biotechnology on short and medium terms.

Tectonics of the Early Palaeozoic basin development in NW Europe: basin analysis and magnetic fabric analysis in the Belgian Caledonides.

Teledetection in the Integrated System for Management and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture (ISMC)


Telomere loss/DNA-damage in relation to senescence and apoptosis.

Temporal segmentation of video streams in het compressed domain

Testing of new surgical instruments for innovative surgical procedures in orthopedics

Testing the influence of 5 types of window film on plant growth using extensive and intensive testing methodologies

The "Pseudomonas acidovorans complex" is probably a new bactery family.

The 'hardware' of the European Security and Defence Policy. Defence procurement and the defence industry in Belgium and the smaller European countries

The 'new subject' in postwar Anglo-Saxon drama. Artaud, Bataille and Lacan as attempts to neutralise the 'shortage'

The 'Paradeisos' of John Geometres: a literary, linguistic and ideological rewriting of the tradition. Text edition and cultural-historical setting.

The 5-HT7 receptor: possible differences in signaling and regulation between its isoforms.

The A to Z of Floorcoverings.

The acquisition of reading strategies in peer tutoring. An experimental and comparative investigation of the effects of a peer tutoring program on cognitive, social and emotional development in 7- and 10 year olds in China and Flanders (Belgium).

The Anglo-Brabant Deformation Belt and surrounding areas: the evolution of an orogen from basin development to inversion and the link between sedimentation and deformation

The cationic polymerization of glycidol.

The characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) as preliminary study for the development of DNA-chips for meat quality in pigs.

the Customer Life-time value approach applied to the segment of Primo Accédant

The demography of occupations in Belgium : the impact of recent recruting patterns on the structure and future trends of the active population.

The determination of residues of beta-agonists in food from animal origin.

The development and Impact of the Sinicization Concept in the Chinese Historiography of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

The development of a framework for quantitative and a qualitative evaluation of the policy for the selective collection of domestic waste in Flanders - legal aspects

The development of improved biocompatible materials for urological and other medical devices.

The development of new pellet formulations and the influence of equipment and processing parameters on the quality of pellets made by extrusion/sferonisation.

The development of new, non-gel proteomics strategies for the global and differential analysis of post-translationally modified proteins

The Dynamic Relationship between work pressure, productivity, work intensity and service quality in ambulatory care clinics.

The ecology of fouling-organisms: a detailed study of Mytilopsis leucophaeata.

The effect of phosphorus bioavailability on the recovery of plant communities in post-agricultural forests

The effect of the changed 'case' for the admission exam for medical and dental studies on difficulty index, discriminative power, reactions of applicants and correlation with cognitive predictors

The effectiveness of instruments for environmental policies in the field of industry : regulating packaging and transport of hazardous waste.

The effects of candidates' performance profile and design conditions on the construct validity of assessment centers.

The effects of database marketing on customer loyalty. Conceptualization, model development and empirical validation.

The effects of financial integration and the EMU on competition between financial institutions and financial markets: an industrial organization approach.

The effects of the notional interest deduction on the capital structure of the Belgian entreprises

The energy absorption assessment of composite structures for protection of civil engineering structures against blast loading

The energy metabolism of the estuarine mysid Neomysis integer (Crustacea, Mysidacea) as a biomarker for endocrine disruption in estuaries

The fluid-mechanics of flow constrictions in the vascular access for hemodialysis.

The formation of Belgian foreign policy.

The functional role of nematodes and forams in the benthic metabolism

The Future for Patients in Europe

The high- throughput identification and validation of epigenetic biomarkers for cardiovascular disease.

The human 5-HT2A receptor: search for possible interactions with PDZ proteins.

The human liver-uPA SCID mouse: exploration and use for the study of neutralising antibodies against HCV

The impact of fundamental changes in financial reporting

The Impact of Polyphenols on the Human Microbiome and Metabonome: a Systems Biology Approach (GUTSYSTEM)

The impact of small dam-construction on the vegetation and groundwater levels in northern Togo.

The implications for the Western moral philosophy of the "decolonisation" of the Western cultural antropology.

The in vitro radiation response of lymphocytes in pathologies associated with oxidative stress - Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The influence of company size on the determinants of corporate debt maturity structure

The influence of integral logistics and production automatisation on the management controlsystem of a firm.

The influence of the negotiation process on the investment decision and the mutual truse in the venture capital environment.

The internal CO2-transport and its relation with root, stem, branch and leaf respiration of a mature beech (fagus sylvatica L.)

The Laurion revisited: Archaeo-topgraphical issueses of ore-washeries and their watersupply systems in the sylver-processing workshops of Attica

The literary field in 11th century Constantinople. John Mauropous, Christopher Mytilenaeus and Michale Psellos: A study of their poetry in Context

The management of commercial loans : the use of credit scoring and modern portfolio theory.

The microphytobenthos in the Westerschelde estuary.

The multicultural society seen from an ingroup/outgroup perspective.

The multilevel-fast-multipolemethod for electromagnetic fieldproblems in layered media in view of big passive electrical and optical interconnections and structures

The Need for Closure concept dislosed. Delineating the motivation to seize and freeze

The Neogene of the southern margin of the North Sea Basin : stratigraphy and reconstruction of the depositional history of the sedimentary basin.

The Northern and Southern Netherlands as a literary and cultural 'entrepôt' for seventeenth-century British letters, 1603-1688

The optimisation of crest level design of sloping coastal structures through prototype monitoring and modelling.

The optimisation of Micro-Raman spectroscopy and chemometrical methods for the identification of bacteria.

The optimization and application of Reference Methods based on ID-GCMS for quantification of hormones in serum. RM-Hormones '93.

The optimization and application of Reference Methods based on ID-GCMS for quantification of serum components. RM04/93.

The organisation of the actin cytoskeleton and signal transduction.

The pathophysiology of intracellular pH and its influence on the function of the heart.

The perservation of in vitro grown plant tissue cultures and application for the production of secondary metabolites with potential to control economically important pest insects

The physiological role of carnosine in skeletal muscle

The position of Islamic legalists on Sufism and popular Islam: a historical-contextual analysis of a debate shaped by Ibn Taymiyya, the re-interpretation of his opinion in modern politico-religious discourse

The public sphere in times of marketing and digitization: a multimethodical, longitudinal study of the use of news sources in Belgium. Case study: international news.

The publishing House and the literary field in Flanders

The Q-TOF mass spectrometer : a revolutionary development in electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry of proteins and peptides.

The relevance of non-classical logics for philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of language

The resolving nature of public and private forms of dispute settlement for contemporary conflicts. An analysis of four socially relevant domains

The role of bovine papillomavirus in the development and clinical behaviour of equine sarcoids

The role of dopamine D4 receptor ubiquitination and functional differences between the polymorphic variants.

The role of feeding strategies in shaping the structure and biodiversity of diatom and copepod communities

The role of inhibitory processes regarding reactivity to depressogenic stimuli in adults and older adults

The role of posttranslational modifications of auto-antigens in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.

The role of Rho-family GTPases in normal and pathological human T-cell development

The role of the central nervous dopaminergic transmittersystem in psychiatry using PET and SPECT.

The role of the civil society in the EU member states and candidate countries: Where does Turkey stand in the general picture?

The role of the phosphoinositide 3-kinases in the regulation of dendritic

The school and the development of sex role differentiation.

The social function of pain catastrophizing in children and adolescents

The southern Dutch dialect vocabulary: digital storage and access

The specification and development of a tissue.

The structural basis of electron transport catalysed by redox proteins involved in the energy generating processes of some specific bacterial species.