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Factors controlling muscle phenotype-implications for respiratory muscle dysfunction, myopathies and ageing

Failure of rhDNase I in cystic fibrosis: the role of magnesium and potassium

Fat metabolism by the human intestinal microbiota

Fate of GEMs (1) and GEDS (2) in some environmental hot spots : polluted soils, river sediments, decaying and diseased plants role of BHR plasmids and development of containment systems.

Feasibility study for aquaculture at the Belgian seashore.

Feasibility study of a block-structured instruction set architecture for multimedia signal processing.

Fermentative utilization of fruit- and vegetable pomace, and biowaste for production of novel types of products.

Fiber composite elements and techniques as non-metallic reinforcement of concrete.

Fighting against aneurysmal disease

Financial integration in Europe and the propagation of shocks

Flemish Community: Supporting actions enironmental policy

Flemish interuniversity project for structural studies of hard and soft matter with synchrotron radiation (ESRF-DUBBLE)

Flemish participation in EC research programs.

Flowcytometric leukocyte study during mastitis in cows and pyometra in dogs.

Fluorescense microscope

Food security and conflict: research of the situation in Assam (India) and the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh) through a livelihood approach


Forecasting the dynamic response of timber quality to management and environmental change: an integrated aproach

Formation and properties of contact materials for advanced semiconductors

Formation mechanisms, marker compounds, and source apportionment for biogenic atmospheric aerosols (BIOSOL)

Formation, transformation and degradation of soils.

Fouling in the convection section tubes of a steam cracker

Fowards a high-resolution 3D-analysis of sandbank architecture on the Belgian Continental Shelf- Resource-3D

Fractal modeling of porous catalysts.

Fractioning the central executive system on the basis of functional differences: a behavioural approach to the separability of executive functions.

Frame of reference in prevention of sexual and gender-based violence against and among young refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors in the European reception and asylum sector

Freezing microtomy for systematic, anatomical, histological and cytological research in different biological laboratories.

From Monadology to Nomadology - A systematical and Comparative Discussion of Gilles Deleuze's Concept of the Fold

From our local correspondent: No news is good news? Women's (non-)participation in the journalistic sector and in the journalistic process. A contextual analysis of the Flemish case in an international perspective

From spatial analysis to characterisation of Iron Age and Early roman sites in North- en East Gaul

Full scale dynamic load monitoring of rubble mound breakwaters.

Full scale dynamic load monitoring on rubblemound breakwaters.

Functional analysis of a novel zinc finger protein ANC_2H01 which translocates alphaN-catenin to the nucleus.

Functional analysis of protocadherin-10 and -11 and of their respective roles in cancer

Functional characterization of the peroxisomal PPR protein SLO1 in Arabidopsis

Functional correlation between telomere structure/length and cell cycle signalisation/apoptosis.

Functional food ingredients.

Functional genetic analysis of Arabidopsis mutants defective in lignin biosynthesis by transcript and metabolite profilering

Functional role and characteristics of micro-organisms in the larvi culture of aquatic organisms: Artemia as preferred test organism.

Functional studies on interferon signalling.

Functional test battery of the autonomic activity and cardiorespiratory reflexes in patients with chronic diseases

Functional-urban structure of Flanders in an international context.

Functionality of starch/ hydrocolloïd based systems

Fundamental clinical and experimental research of steroid concentrations in biological fluids by GC/MS analysis.

Fundamental research in the centre for consumer psychology and marketing

Fundamental study of optical emission processes in materials with multidimensional periodic dielectric properties.

Fundamental study of the formation of silicide nanocontacts by means of in situ characterization techniques

Fundamental study of the Maillard reaction in model systems: influence of peptides and redox on the formation of flavour compounds and contaminants

Fundamental study of the origin of artefacts in micro/ nano-CT with X-rays

Furan and lignin based resins as eco-friendly and durable solution for wood preservation, panel, board and design products

Further development of an in vitro model of the colon by combining the SHIME with cell culture tissues and application on sphingolipids and PAHs

Fuzziness and Uncertainty in Access Network Planning.

Fuzzy temporal databases, approached interdisciplinarily from linguistics and from computer science.

Fuzzy tuner for tuning PID parameters in an autoclave controller.

FWO Jeroen Hoebeke

FWO junior vis. Postdoc Fellowship Sastry Mudiganti

FWO junior vis. Postdoc. Fellow Ricardo Abreu Blaya. Boundary value theory in Hermitean Clifford analysis.

FWO Mandate De Bruycker Trees

FWO senior vis. Postdoc fellow Corsi Cristina