Catmandu Online Demo

Want to learn a bit of Catmandu without directly installing it on your computer? You can! Use the link below to start up a Catmandu session in an online terminal:

When prompted for a Login: use your first name and set as Password: your email address

Some example commands to try:

# Show the help documentation of catmandu
$ catmandu

# Show all demo files available
$ ls

# Convert a JSON file
$ catmandu convert JSON < demo.json

# Convert a JSON file to YAML
$ catmandu convert JSON to YAML < demo.json

# Convert a YAML file to JSON
$ catmandu convert YAML to JSON < demo.yml

# Convert a MARC file to JSON
$ catmandu convert MARC < camel.usmarc

# Extract the 245-fields from the MARC and put them into a title field
# Keep only the title field
$ catmandu convert MARC --fix 'marc_map(245,title); retain(title)' < camel.usmarc

# Run an interactive catmandu shell
$ catmandu run
fix > add_field(hello,world)